Monday, August 26, 2019

Calming Blends of essential oils for Lipidema (doTERRA brand)

Blend to create a calming effect:
Use doTERRA's blend called Serenity
That blend works for some of us really well.  Restful, soothing, relaxing.........
OR, if that one has too much lavender for you, make your own.

Make as much as you want, but in this ratio:  10 drops Ylang Ylang
                                                                           8 drops Vetiver
                                                                           6 drops Marjoram
                                                                           2 drops Lavender  (4 dr. vanilla essential oil optional)

Contact me if you want to get some doTERRA oils.  I have lots in stock, or I can help you get an account of your own.

Pick a Side: Pessimism or Hope?

Lots of us have abnormal fat that isn't budging regardless of diets and exercise.  For some of us that means a diagnosis (if you're lucky enough to have a well-informed doctor) of lipedema.  That's a fancy word for lots of toxic fluids and fats which accumulate disproportionately in your legs and arms and can make life miserable both physically and emotionally.
Emotionally, the inability to control the progression of the symptoms through diet or exercise is terribly frustrating, as we are fighting this monster daily.
Besides lack of control, we feel estranged socially, limited in our ability to do activities or to exercise.  In fact, it is most commonly recommended for lipidemic patients not to exercise.  Yes, really!  The loss of this lifestyle brings on loss of hope, despair, rejection, pessimism about our future and even grieving over the loss of the lifestyle we once envisioned for ourselves.  It's called "painful fat" for emotional reasons as well as physical.
But we can't just stay in that mindset.
Be active at whatever level does not make you breathe hard (that shuts down the lymphatic system).  Focus.  Concentrate your energies.  Take the initiative to research, to participate, to put your life experience next to someone else's and compare notes on what works.  Your energy is needed.

Chasing the Cause or the Symptoms?

I've gotten used to seeing everyone chasing the symptoms of lipidema: abnormal fat, pain, inflammation and supressed mobility.
But that's not good enough.
Why are we not discovering what is causing the inflammation, the abnormal fat?  It's easy to say "Take this medication for your headache and the pain will go away (for 4 hours; then it will come back, again.)".  It's quite another to isolate the actual cause of the headache and make THAT go away so you have no need of medication because there is no pain in the first place.
We'll never get to the solution if we merely treat symptoms with liposuction and compression.
My opinion is that lipidemic symptoms are not a disease, but are messengers of underlying causes that need to be discovered and removed if any actual healing is to occur.
In my wellness business, when I am foot zoning someone and I come across an area affected by trapped emotion, I know that unless I release that negative energy, the physical changes cannot occur. But once released, the pain is immediately diminished and the physical pathways are opened or unblocked.
We need to look at more than the size of our legs/arms and look at the underlying causes to find a cure.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Hormones and Lipidema--the Cause or the Cure?

My lipidema showed up five years after I began using birth control pills.  No matter what website I go to online for answers, the same line keeps repeating:  the cause of lipidema is unknown, but researchers suspect hormonal changes. So if the hormone factor is the #1 suspect, why don't I see anything in the websites about birth control pills, the endocrine system, the hypothalamus/pituitary/pineal/thymus connection, synthetic hormone replacement therapies, hormones in our meats, pharmaceuticals, etc.  It seems like that would be the place to look.  Why are we given so may directions that steer us away from that obvious focus? So we'll pay for liposuction?!!

Monday, August 12, 2019

doTERRA Essential Oils Convention September 2019. Don't miss it!

Essential Oils are one of our best tools, and the best oils are doTERRA's, if you ask me.
doTERRA's annual huge convention is coming up in Salt Lake City.
Either you didn't buy tickets in time before they sold out, or you prefer--like me-- to watch without having to travel and fight for hotel and airline space.  We won't miss out because I'll be showing the whole convention via live stream online at
Be Ready Inc in San Marcos from Sep 11-13.  Email me at if you'd like me to save you a seat.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Swollen Lymph Glands and Feet? Try this protocol

Have you ever wondered which essential oils you could use when your feet get swollen and your lymph glands get sore?  I use this blend in a lotion when I foot zone my customers who have stagnant lymph ducts in their ankles and feet.  Here's the ratio:  10 drops tangerine, 6 dr juniper berry, 3 dr geranium, 2 dr rosemary and 1 dr cilantro.  I make enough of this to put in some good spa lotion to keep on hand.  I use doTERRA essential oils because I've tried enough of the competing brands to know that they're no competition for the purity and integrity of the doTERRA brand oils.  They are the ones I trust after years and years of comparisons.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Lipidema Projects in various states now. Will I be joining?

Have you seen "The Lipidema Project" websites for Massachusetts, Hawaii, SoCal, etc?  They're starting to spread.  That's good.  Except............
Have you noticed that the only solutions offered still are either compression garments, liposuction or air compression? 
I don't for one moment accept that those are my only options.
For that reason, I haven't joined up with any of them, nor will I until more serious attention is paid to other avenues for holistic change.  The answers are out there, and I'm looking hard every day for them.  I don't choose to be stuck with only those limited options.