Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Plumping up like a Chicken!

Last night I suffered from insomnia and hot flashes again after having mostly gotten rid of them with dietary changes these last 3 months.   I weighed myself and had put on 5 lbs in 24 hours. Good Grief!!!  What had happened to me?!! 
All About Rotisserie Chicken - Betty CrockerI started muscle testing myself to find answers.  Was it the blend of essential oils I had used for my knee pain?  Was it the calming blend I had created to help me sleep?  No to both.  Then what could it be?  Was it something I ate?  Yes.  What did I eat out of the ordinary?  For dinner I had picked up a rotisserie chicken at a grocery store I don't usually buy them from.  I ate a leg and a wing.  Was it the chicken?  Yes, but no........it was not the chicken itself exactly, but the additives and hormones the chicken had been plumped up with.  Overnight I too had been plumped up.  GROSS!!!   I feel so violated sometimes when I find out what is being put into our foods--even those we thought would be healthy.  Is that why I suffered from insomnia, hot flashes and inability to lose weight for 20 years?   I think that it was a major player in my dis-ease and a factor that enabled other imbalances to occur.   And to think I fed the same hormone-laden poultry to all my family all those years.  It just makes me sick------quite literally.

Monday, December 5, 2016

A challenge to my readers in 90 countries to #Light the World

There is too much pain and suffering everywhere.  Why do we spend so much time tearing each other down rather than building each other up?   Forget about your own pain for awhile by serving others around you for no hope of reward or recognition.  Lift someone else up, and you yourself will feel lifted, your burdens lighter.           see https://youtu.be/mJmAV0gTp_Q
I have readers in about 90 different countries, and I present this challenge to all of you.  No matter where you live, there is something you can do for someone else.  For those of you who are Christian, as I am, there is a challenge presented to us to do something each day from Dec 1 to Christmas Day to spread light wherever you are by imitating what Jesus Christ did to lift others.  You can see the advent calendar of daily challenges on mormon.org/christmas.  Several millions of us around the world are taking on this challenge.  Join us.  If you are not Christian, do something good in your own way to # Light the World. and make lives better, which in turn makes your own life better.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Unexplained Swelling and Body Aches--Mystery Solved!

My husband has been suffering from unexplained headaches and body aches for the past week and a half.  We tried all the usual remedies, but couldn't account for the location or severity of the symptoms.
I also had been experiencing backaches and fatigue, and I noticed that my arms and hands had swollen a little bit--not like an allergic reaction, but like an intolerance to something I ate--so that my watch and ring were snug instead of loose.  This bothered me because I've been working so hard to reduce my arm/ankle/stomach swelling, and I'd made lots of progress.  So why the backslide?
... Tips for Thawing and Roasting Thanksgiving Turkeys – TownSquareBuzzI had a memory surface in my brain about how my husband reacted when he took cholesterol statin medications.  Each time he'd get the same overall body aches.  So I had to trace back what we had both been eating for a week and a half.   Bingo!!!   The turkey.  I've been feeding him turkey sandwiches and making soups from the leftovers from Thanksgiving Dinner 10 days ago.  I'm certain that it wasn't turkey itself, but that it was the chemicals and hormones the turkey was fed that made it intolerable to our systems.
We stopped eating the turkey and the headaches and muscle aches disappeared within a few hours.
Perhaps when you feel swollen, bloated, achy or pained, you could trace back what you felt to what you ate.  The swelling in my hands, wrists, arms and stomach went down as soon as I stopped eating the turkey in any form.  Diet makes a huge difference.  Is there something you are intolerant to as well?

Friday, December 2, 2016

Cilantro helps detox heavy metals. Cilantro Essential OIls is a powerful detoxing agent.

Vegan Recipes from Idahovegan: Cilantro and Lime Bean SalsaCilantro helps pull out heavy metals from organs.  Essential oils are 70-100% more potent than their dried herb sources.  Health requires clean and efficient kidneys, livers, brains.......etc. Lipidema sufferers can use all the help we can get to pull out these toxins.  So add some lime oil to the cilantro oil, using only therapeutic and organic grades of oils, and you have a tasty power punch to add to your cooking that will help you in your quest for health.  My favorite essential oils are doTERRA and Purify Skin Therapy brands. I use essential oils on a daily basis. For more information, email me at erica@bereadyinc.com.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sagan's Water Filter Bottles---I HIGHLY recommend you try them.

I have found that many of my symptoms result from heavy metal and chemical toxicity in my system.  I even have a picked up some parasites and yeast infections along my life's trail.  I use the Sagan water filter bottle and the AquaPail water filter systems now to help me avoid taking in any more toxins while I detox the rest out.  This change is helping me significantly.  Check them out.  Sagan Water Filter Bottle and AquaPail by Be Ready Inc