Friday, August 15, 2014

88 Countries read Betty B. Ready's Blogs

I like the # 88.  When I was a little girl, I loved to shop at the Bonanza 88 store.  It was the prelude to our 99 cent and dollar stores.  Because of that, when I saw today that my 4 blogs are being read in 88 different countries, that became somewhat of a milestone for me.
I haven't written much in the past few months--not because there's nothing to write about, but rather because there's so MUCH to discover.  I've been finding many intriguing pieces of the puzzle, and

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The new Dry Bag by GoBag---Gotta "seal it to believe it!"

Wow.  This is a really helpful new product.  The new Dry Bag by GoBag is a great way to take your medicines/oils with you wherever you go without letting everyone else know by the smell.  I put 3  opened bottles of pungent oils in a bag for 36 hours.  No one could smell them until they got up within about an inch and tried really hard.  That's great for my daughter whose nose is extra sensitive while she's pregnant (which she is).
Also, the new app for the book Modern Essentials is available as an app, so you can have that app on your mobile phone or tablet even in the water, in the snow, on a boat, on a cruise, at the beach, at a name it.  I refer to that book frequently and love the idea of having it with me everywhere.  The GoBag Dry Bag comes in different sizes and is a real winner!!! 
In fact, my mind keeps thinking up different uses for it, like old family photos, birth certificates and

Product Review: Dry Bag by GoBag Many uses!

Because of their great usefulness for lipedema and other ailments, I take my essential oils with me everywhere I go, but not everyone likes the smell.  So now I can put my oils and medicines  in a hermetically sealed, water/smell-proof dry bag by GoBag and no one smells anything.  The magnetic closures also enhance the energy of the oils, so it's a double win.  If you do energy testing on the oils before they're put into the magnetic closure bag, then take the reading again when they're in it, you'll see the big difference.  Also, the Modern Essentials book that doTERRA oil users love is now an android app, so you can put your phone in a dry bag and take it wherever you go, including in the snow and water--just in case there's an injury or other need.  LOVE IT!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Natural remedies for lipedema? I'm making progress!

I finally have hope that I'm moving in the right direction in finding my own cure for my symptoms of lipedema.  For three years I have been doing exhaustive research on natural/complementary healing resources and methods.  Combining a few of these is turning out to be very beneficial.  I've learned that my symptoms are my best friends because they point to the cause of my imbalance or dis-ease, whether that imbalance or blockage comes from structural, nervous, organic, circulatory problems or even from negative emotions blocking my ability to heal.  I love essential oils, reflexology, massage therapy and giving my negative emotions to the Savior.  I don't care if it sounds weird, it works!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dr. Bradley Nelson's book The Emotion Code--Review

One month ago I discovered a book, or process, called The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson.  I would never have supposed how drastically that book has changed my way of thinking about my aches and pains, my lymphatic congestion or other lifelong pains.  Today I can say with complete confidence that emotional healing is easy, natural and vital to our health.  I incorporate Dr. Nelson's process with essential oils, cymatics and reflexology to enhance his procedures, and with that I'm making exciting progress.  Please watch his youtube videos.