Friday, September 27, 2013

Weight Loss BREAKTHROUGH for me !! And it's FREE

WOW!!  I have had a weight loss breakthrough--a great piece in my health puzzle From my other blogs at and on, you will know that I've been struggling with battling my weight for three years since coming off birth control and quickly gaining 55 lbs  despite everything I tried to do to stop the weight gain,  All I could do was slow down the rate but not stop it altogether.  I am pleased--very pleased--to report that I learned a great tool to use to reverse that--something ANYONE ANYWHERE can do absolutely FREE and in a moment to determine which foods your own body wants, needs and will use to repair itself.  It also is an immediate indicator of the foods or chemicals or environmental factors that are making you ill.  I started using this simple FREE, God-given tool 11 days ago and I have lost 8 pounds.  You will remember that with the condition called lipedema (lipidema, RADs, Heavy Legs Syndrome, lipoedema) which I have developed, the prognosis is
that it will be absolutely impossible to lose weight by any means.  NOT SO!!!!  I eliminated some offenders from my diet and am shocked at the immediate results.  I will be giving details on how to do this free, all by yourself, wherever you are in the world.  True.  No cost.  It's your birthright as a Child of God to have a spirit that can feel, intuit and communicate how it wants to heal your body.  Please see my other blogs listed above for directions.  This is GREAT!!!!!!! From my other blogs on this site and on
Betty B. Ready

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  1. hello. where is the weight loss info that you mention above? thank you :)

  2. See my blog post from Saturday, September 28, 2013
    "As promised, here's my weight loss tool. Try this!"